Labor Day Thoughts from Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning

Labor Day Thoughts from Rick's Professional Carpet Cleaning

With Labor Day weekend upon us, we would like to take a moment to say a couple things;


  • We wish to thank every hard working Kansan and American, regardless of their vocation.  From teachers to janitors, bank employees to construction workers, doctors and nurses,  and all of our local aircraft workers; your efforts have helped build a pretty terrific nation.  Yes, we have some growing pains, but we will endure.


  • We want to thank the small business owner, as well.  The rare individual who trades a steady paycheck for what is typically long hours, stress, and headaches of all manners.  Yet, they still stride forward.  In our opinion, these individuals need all of our support.  And it is in all of our best interests to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive.  Remember to shop local when you can,  and give these businesses a chance to earn your business.  In doing so, you are helping to support the backbone of our country.  As a small business owner, Rick would like to say, “We appreciate the honor of earning your business”.

Rick can be reached at (316) 213-1500.


New 25% Carpet Cleaning Discount for Military and First Responder’s from Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning

New Carpet Discount for Military and First Responder's from Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning

Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning now offers a 25% Military and First Responder Discount

We here at Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning are always looking for ways to give back and help our community and those that through their jobs, efforts, and talents have done the same.  The folks that, due to their dedication and sacrifices, have made all our lives better.

To these community members, we Thank and Salute you. And also in showing our appreciation and support, starting June 15, 2018 we are offering a 25% discount for members of any military branch (past and present), police officers, firefighters, and nurses on all of our cleaning services.

To receive the discount all you have to do is show us your badge (credentials) when we are there to clean your carpets.  We do have a minimum charge amount and the discount will not affect this, so feel free to ask Rick for all the details!

This is an ongoing offer but may, at some time, be cancelled or modified.


If you know of a military and/or first responder, please like and share this post with them so they can take advantage of this great offer!