Bleach Stained Carpets, Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Help

Bleach Stained Carpets, Rick's Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Help

There isn’t a more annoying issue that homeowners have to deal with than bleach stains on carpet.  This is true for many reasons, here’s a few:

  1. They are unsightly;  Even a lightly colored carpet can not hide bleach stains
  2. They are small; It isn’t like the entire floor color is different, just those little spots, “look at them, they’re ugly”
  3. They are not a do-it-yourself fix-it;  Even the most detailed homeowner should not try this repair

But, alas, not all hope is lost.  There are carpet cleaning crews that have experience in these things.  And if you’re tired of looking at those pail white spots on your beautiful carpets, or, are getting ready to list your home for sale and don’t want to hear about a carpet allowance, these professionals can typically take care of it for you.

With that being said, the small quarter sized stains are the easiest to fix.  Bleach stained carpets spots softball sized and larger are a much harder fix.  Blending the dyes to match the surrounding carpet color is much harder at this point.

As with all repairs, references from customers that have had this type of repair done can definitely steer you in the right direction when choosing who you wish to hire.

Best of luck, I can answer individual questions at 316-213-1500

Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning

Maintaining Your Carpet After A Deep Cleaning

Maintaining your crpet after a deep cleaning Rick's Professional Carpet Cleaning

Maintaining your carpet after a deep cleaning will help your carpets not only look new but will also prolong their life and save you money on replacement costs.

You want your home to look the best that it can before an open house or just having company over.  You had a professional carpet cleaning company come out and deep clean your carpets and rugs.  A few simple guides will allow your carpet to look fresh and clean long after you have had them cleaned.

Here are a few tips;

  • Vacuum at least weekly-  Common sense, yes, but to vacuum properly slow and steady wins the race.  Like most household chores, we tend to be more interested in completing the task rather than taking time on it.  A slower, more methodical approach will produce much better results.
  • Invest in a quality vacuum-  While we are on the topic of vacuums and vacuuming, using a high quality vacuum will not only make the job easier, it will help with interior air quality by reducing dust, dust mites, and other pollutants.  Remember, your carpet has been collecting all that household dirt, you will want a good vacuum to remove it.
  • Socks, please- We all know that it’s best not to wear shoes on the carpet.  But what about bare feet?  With spring and warmer weather right around the corner the likelihood of your family walking on your carpet with just their bare feet is almost guaranteed.  But remember this, maintaining your carpet means that it is best to keep dirt and oils off of the carpet fibers and most definitely not pushed or ground in by applying pressure.  Bare skin contain natural oils that can attach to carpet fibers that will attract dirt and make it more difficult to clean.  And if lotions are used, well, let’s just say you really don’t want them on your carpet and rugs.  Wearing socks will provide the best practice to keeping your carpet and rugs new looking and clean.
  • Entry Mats-  Two of them, actually.  One on the porch or main entry, and another as you enter the home.  This will help to remind people to wipe their feet and keep their shoes off of the carpet.
  • Pets, if possible, keep them off-  Pets have one of the greatest impacts on how clean your floors look and actually are, let alone dramatically increasing the effort needed in maintaining your carpet.  pet dander, hair, saliva, and other bodily fluids can heavily soil your carpet and rugs.  If at all possible, keep them from getting on your carpet, especially if you have listed your house for sale and want your homes first impression for potential home buyers to be one of a clean and well kept home.

Keeping your floors clean will not only show that you care for your home, it will also keep it more healthy for you, your family, and visitors.  And as always, Rick is available for your carpet cleaning needs at 316-213-1500.

Choosing Your Carpet Cleaning Professional

Choosing a carpet cleaning professional, Rick's Professional Carpet Cleaning

With spring upon us now is a good time to plan for a deep carpet cleaning.  Choosing the right carpet cleaning professional will make this a more pleasant experience and one that will definitely be worth it.  Here are a few tips and questions to ask when searching for the right provider.

  1. Are there online reviews positive?  A quick search of Facebook and other popular social media sites can be a good place to start.  High reviews and responded comments to issues tend to show a willingness to please customers.  Also, sites like Angies List and HomeAdvisor will show reviews and comments from both satisfied  and dissatisfied customers alike.
  2. Will they come out, measure and give me an estimate?  You can typically receive a rough estimate over the phone, but to truly know the cost and explain the scope of work expected, it’s best to have them come to your house and place their expert eyes on your flooring.  Here you can point out any trouble spots or other issues you would like addressed and included in the price.
  3. Do you have references?  References, lie reviews are very important, especially if you have a specific issue other than just a general cleaning.  For instance, you might have Bleach Stains and need the small spots dyed to match the surrounding carpet.  Here you would want to know if the service rep has the experience to deal with the it.
  4. What about moving furniture?  Are you expected to move furniture?  Do they move furniture?  Or are they planning on just cleaning around them?  All good questions to ask and have answered before they start.
  5. Do they provide Scotchgard treatment?  This is a very good additional service most carpet cleaning companies offer.  Some offer this as an additional cost, others don’t.  You need to know and also what to expect in benefits if using this service.

Rick with Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning is available to assist you at 316-213-1500.

To Save your Carpet, Socks are Best

Socks best for carpet wear, Rick's Professional Carpet Cleaning

So, why is wearing socks the best practice to help extend the life of your carpet.  It’s pretty simple, really.  The other two options (Wearing Shoes and going bare foot) have the capacity to reduce the life of your carpet but in different ways

First, wearing shoes is abrasive.  The abrasive action causes wear on the carpet strands and fibers.  Also, especially in cold weather, shoes that have been worn outside bring in other abrasive particles.  Salt and salting chemicals like calcium chloride are very abrasive and also pull moisture from their surroundings.  As you can imagine, this is not good for your carpet and other types of flooring such as laminate, hard wood, and tile.

Secondly, going bare footed can release natural oils and lotions onto the carpet.  These can create an attractive force for dirt and other small particles.


This is why a pair of soft, comfortable socks is your best choice.

And remember, to experience the deepest clean at the best price, call Rick with Risk’s Professional Carpet Cleaning at 316-213-1500