Professional Carpet Cleaning From a Personal Local Source

Professional Carpet Cleaning From a Personal Local Source

Locally owned and operated Professional Carpet Cleaning, a best choice for your carpet cleaning needs.

When it’s time for a deep carpet cleaning, we here at Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning know you have plenty of providers to choose from.  From locally owned and operated providers, like us, to national chains and everywhere in between.  This competition for your business provides you with services that can range from mediocre to stellar.

We hope you look local for your provider,  not just because we are a top rated provider of professional carpet cleaning with glowing reviews from clients, neighbors, and friends.  Also, because, we believe that locally owned and provided services have the added benefit of providing the highest of quality.  We not only like what we do, we like meeting new people and putting in the extra effort in an attempt of truly exceeding your expectations.  It matters to us, our name, our performance.  We live here, too, and we are as proud of our community as we are the job we do.

Professional carpet cleaning, it’s more than in our name.  As an example as to the effort we provide to satisfy our customers, upon completion of the job, we invite you to review our work and point out any areas you would like given extra care.  We want you to be fully assured that we have done everything possible to provide the deepest clean at the best price!

Call Rick’s at 316-213-1500 and see for yourself!




Shop Local, Today and Everyday!

Rick's Professional Carpet Cleaning, Wichita KS reminds us to Buy Local

With many shop local events going on today, Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning would like to reinforce the importance of community participation and purchasing.

As we can usually all agree, online shopping with door to door delivery is very convenient.  But, what, if anything, are we sacrificing for this convenience?  Is our community stronger by purchasing goods and services from companies outside of our general area?

We, of course, believe in free trade and for consumers to have unlimited choices when purchasing goods and services.  We also believe in community, and family.  And, though, sometimes something might be a few cents or dollars more in our own community than we can buy online, we believe the purchase of these items from a local retailer does more than a few cents or dollars of good, and not just for the small business owner, but for Our Community as a whole.

From fruits and vegetables, food trucks,  hardware stores, roofing companies and yes, even carpet cleaners… you have local choices.

Do we falter ourselves and give in to the quick and easy?  Yes, of course.  But we should all try to be conscious of our spending habits and do our part to help our community thrive, not just today, but every day!


Happy Holidays everyone!


Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning- 316-213-1500

Labor Day Thoughts from Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning

Labor Day Thoughts from Rick's Professional Carpet Cleaning

With Labor Day weekend upon us, we would like to take a moment to say a couple things;


  • We wish to thank every hard working Kansan and American, regardless of their vocation.  From teachers to janitors, bank employees to construction workers, doctors and nurses,  and all of our local aircraft workers; your efforts have helped build a pretty terrific nation.  Yes, we have some growing pains, but we will endure.


  • We want to thank the small business owner, as well.  The rare individual who trades a steady paycheck for what is typically long hours, stress, and headaches of all manners.  Yet, they still stride forward.  In our opinion, these individuals need all of our support.  And it is in all of our best interests to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive.  Remember to shop local when you can,  and give these businesses a chance to earn your business.  In doing so, you are helping to support the backbone of our country.  As a small business owner, Rick would like to say, “We appreciate the honor of earning your business”.

Rick can be reached at (316) 213-1500.


School Time is Carpet Cleaning Time

School Time is Carpet Cleaning Time

Where has the summer gone?  Though the summer has seemed long, hot and humid this year, school time and fall activities are right around the corner.  This makes for an excellent time for home maintenance and deep cleaning.  When thinking about deep cleaning; think Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning.

About Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning

As a locally owned and operated small business man, Rick takes extra care when cleaning your home’s carpet and upholstery.  This is evident in his reviews and repeat customers.  Located in Andover, Rick services the entire Greater Wichita Area, from Maize to Augusta.

Benefits of Locally Owned Businesses

In the shadow of big businesses and the reach of the internet, now more than ever is a good time to remember to shop local.  Dealing with people you know, or people that know the people you know, is a great way of supporting not only local businesses but also supporting our community.

So if you’re looking for a company that goes the extra mile when caring for your flooring, treats your home with care and respect, and is part of your community.  Call Rick at 316-213-1500.  You won’t be disappointed!

New 25% Carpet Cleaning Discount for Military and First Responder’s from Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning

New Carpet Discount for Military and First Responder's from Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning

Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning now offers a 25% Military and First Responder Discount

We here at Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning are always looking for ways to give back and help our community and those that through their jobs, efforts, and talents have done the same.  The folks that, due to their dedication and sacrifices, have made all our lives better.

To these community members, we Thank and Salute you. And also in showing our appreciation and support, starting June 15, 2018 we are offering a 25% discount for members of any military branch (past and present), police officers, firefighters, and nurses on all of our cleaning services.

To receive the discount all you have to do is show us your badge (credentials) when we are there to clean your carpets.  We do have a minimum charge amount and the discount will not affect this, so feel free to ask Rick for all the details!

This is an ongoing offer but may, at some time, be cancelled or modified.


If you know of a military and/or first responder, please like and share this post with them so they can take advantage of this great offer!

To Save your Carpet, Socks are Best

Socks best for carpet wear, Rick's Professional Carpet Cleaning

So, why is wearing socks the best practice to help extend the life of your carpet.  It’s pretty simple, really.  The other two options (Wearing Shoes and going bare foot) have the capacity to reduce the life of your carpet but in different ways

First, wearing shoes is abrasive.  The abrasive action causes wear on the carpet strands and fibers.  Also, especially in cold weather, shoes that have been worn outside bring in other abrasive particles.  Salt and salting chemicals like calcium chloride are very abrasive and also pull moisture from their surroundings.  As you can imagine, this is not good for your carpet and other types of flooring such as laminate, hard wood, and tile.

Secondly, going bare footed can release natural oils and lotions onto the carpet.  These can create an attractive force for dirt and other small particles.


This is why a pair of soft, comfortable socks is your best choice.

And remember, to experience the deepest clean at the best price, call Rick with Risk’s Professional Carpet Cleaning at 316-213-1500