Choosing Your Carpet Cleaning Professional

Choosing a carpet cleaning professional, Rick's Professional Carpet Cleaning

With spring upon us now is a good time to plan for a deep carpet cleaning.  Choosing the right carpet cleaning professional will make this a more pleasant experience and one that will definitely be worth it.  Here are a few tips and questions to ask when searching for the right provider.

  1. Are there online reviews positive?  A quick search of Facebook and other popular social media sites can be a good place to start.  High reviews and responded comments to issues tend to show a willingness to please customers.  Also, sites like Angies List and HomeAdvisor will show reviews and comments from both satisfied  and dissatisfied customers alike.
  2. Will they come out, measure and give me an estimate?  You can typically receive a rough estimate over the phone, but to truly know the cost and explain the scope of work expected, it’s best to have them come to your house and place their expert eyes on your flooring.  Here you can point out any trouble spots or other issues you would like addressed and included in the price.
  3. Do you have references?  References, lie reviews are very important, especially if you have a specific issue other than just a general cleaning.  For instance, you might have Bleach Stains and need the small spots dyed to match the surrounding carpet.  Here you would want to know if the service rep has the experience to deal with the it.
  4. What about moving furniture?  Are you expected to move furniture?  Do they move furniture?  Or are they planning on just cleaning around them?  All good questions to ask and have answered before they start.
  5. Do they provide Scotchgard treatment?  This is a very good additional service most carpet cleaning companies offer.  Some offer this as an additional cost, others don’t.  You need to know and also what to expect in benefits if using this service.

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To Save your Carpet, Socks are Best

Socks best for carpet wear, Rick's Professional Carpet Cleaning

So, why is wearing socks the best practice to help extend the life of your carpet.  It’s pretty simple, really.  The other two options (Wearing Shoes and going bare foot) have the capacity to reduce the life of your carpet but in different ways

First, wearing shoes is abrasive.  The abrasive action causes wear on the carpet strands and fibers.  Also, especially in cold weather, shoes that have been worn outside bring in other abrasive particles.  Salt and salting chemicals like calcium chloride are very abrasive and also pull moisture from their surroundings.  As you can imagine, this is not good for your carpet and other types of flooring such as laminate, hard wood, and tile.

Secondly, going bare footed can release natural oils and lotions onto the carpet.  These can create an attractive force for dirt and other small particles.


This is why a pair of soft, comfortable socks is your best choice.

And remember, to experience the deepest clean at the best price, call Rick with Risk’s Professional Carpet Cleaning at 316-213-1500