Shop Local, Today and Everyday!

With many shop local events going on today, Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning would like to reinforce the importance of community participation and purchasing.

As we can usually all agree, online shopping with door to door delivery is very convenient.  But, what, if anything, are we sacrificing for this convenience?  Is our community stronger by purchasing goods and services from companies outside of our general area?

We, of course, believe in free trade and for consumers to have unlimited choices when purchasing goods and services.  We also believe in community, and family.  And, though, sometimes something might be a few cents or dollars more in our own community than we can buy online, we believe the purchase of these items from a local retailer does more than a few cents or dollars of good, and not just for the small business owner, but for Our Community as a whole.

From fruits and vegetables, food trucks,  hardware stores, roofing companies and yes, even carpet cleaners… you have local choices.

Do we falter ourselves and give in to the quick and easy?  Yes, of course.  But we should all try to be conscious of our spending habits and do our part to help our community thrive, not just today, but every day!


Happy Holidays everyone!


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