Maintaining Your Carpet After A Deep Cleaning

Maintaining your carpet after a deep cleaning will help your carpets not only look new but will also prolong their life and save you money on replacement costs.

You want your home to look the best that it can before an open house or just having company over.  You had a professional carpet cleaning company come out and deep clean your carpets and rugs.  A few simple guides will allow your carpet to look fresh and clean long after you have had them cleaned.

Here are a few tips;

  • Vacuum at least weekly-  Common sense, yes, but to vacuum properly slow and steady wins the race.  Like most household chores, we tend to be more interested in completing the task rather than taking time on it.  A slower, more methodical approach will produce much better results.
  • Invest in a quality vacuum-  While we are on the topic of vacuums and vacuuming, using a high quality vacuum will not only make the job easier, it will help with interior air quality by reducing dust, dust mites, and other pollutants.  Remember, your carpet has been collecting all that household dirt, you will want a good vacuum to remove it.
  • Socks, please- We all know that it’s best not to wear shoes on the carpet.  But what about bare feet?  With spring and warmer weather right around the corner the likelihood of your family walking on your carpet with just their bare feet is almost guaranteed.  But remember this, maintaining your carpet means that it is best to keep dirt and oils off of the carpet fibers and most definitely not pushed or ground in by applying pressure.  Bare skin contain natural oils that can attach to carpet fibers that will attract dirt and make it more difficult to clean.  And if lotions are used, well, let’s just say you really don’t want them on your carpet and rugs.  Wearing socks will provide the best practice to keeping your carpet and rugs new looking and clean.
  • Entry Mats-  Two of them, actually.  One on the porch or main entry, and another as you enter the home.  This will help to remind people to wipe their feet and keep their shoes off of the carpet.
  • Pets, if possible, keep them off-  Pets have one of the greatest impacts on how clean your floors look and actually are, let alone dramatically increasing the effort needed in maintaining your carpet.  pet dander, hair, saliva, and other bodily fluids can heavily soil your carpet and rugs.  If at all possible, keep them from getting on your carpet, especially if you have listed your house for sale and want your homes first impression for potential home buyers to be one of a clean and well kept home.

Keeping your floors clean will not only show that you care for your home, it will also keep it more healthy for you, your family, and visitors.  And as always, Rick is available for your carpet cleaning needs at 316-213-1500.

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